Getting Your Affairs In Order

I still remember when I purchased my first condo, well over 13 years ago.  Once I took possession of it my mother was all over me about doing a will.  But my mother was right to make me do it.  Sometimes mothers do know best.  Of course when you are young, you never think about things like a will.  There are many older people who don’t think of doing wills either.  I recently had the experience of learning that a terminally ill relative her 70’s, didn’t have a will.  I think it’s extremely important for those who own property whether they are married or single to have a will drawn up by a lawyer.  I am always astounded when I ask friends who tell me that they don’t have a will yet.  Why not?  Having a will should be considered part of your financial plans.  You have an RRSP and/or a TFSA?  Ideally, a will should be included in the mix so that when you depart, your financial affairs are looked after.  It’s such a simple thing yet overlooked my many, many people.   Stats show that 56% of Canadians, 50% of Americans & 60% of Britains do not have a will.  Does that mean the governments of the future will benefit from this?  Do people really think that they will escape our normal life cycle?  We all know that some day we will perish.  I know it’s a gruesome thought that people seldom want to think about but we must all plan for that eventuality someday by being prepared. As Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote states, ”In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death & taxes.”