Jean-Marc and AngeloSometimes an anecdote about a person tells you everything you need to know. When you have a real estate agent who would leave a party at her own house to hand-deliver an offer to you, it speaks volumes about professionalism.

That’s exactly what happened when Jean-Marc and Angelo were selling their condo at Yonge and Eglinton. Coincidentally, they were also in the midst of a combined birthday party at their home when Davelle Morrison left the party at her place to present them with an offer that had just arrived.

“She left the wine to her friends and just came right over,” says Jean-Marc. He and Angelo sold their condo within 10 days of listing it and without having to do any renovating or staging.

They hadn’t known Davelle before they began to work with her as a real estate agent—but they had long known that when they were finally ready to sell their condo, she was the one they would choose.

They both work outside of the city, and in 2015 they made a decision to move out of their condo into something more spacious in Georgetown. They approached Davelle immediately.

“During the months when we were still thinking about what we wanted to do, we admired her ads, her advertising strategy and marketing approach,” says Angelo. “It was clear that she knew the market and would know what she was doing. She just really seems to have her finger on the pulse of this neighbourhood. We always said if we ever decided to sell, we’d go with Davelle.”

Their first meeting with Davelle confirmed their expectations. “We were impressed with how she spoke, her confident approach, her style, her expertise,” says Jean-Marc. “She was extremely knowledgeable without seeming arrogant.”

The sale was effortless—perhaps in part due to the location and condition of their condo, but also because Davelle made it so.
“She knew what she was doing and easily calmed our anxieties and fears about the process,” says Angelo. “We chose to invest in her because we knew she would do a great job, and she did.”

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