Davelle Morrison & Reenie Banks had an excellent knowledge of the Midtown, Toronto market and were incredibly responsive. It was a pleasure working with them and we would use them again. I would recommend them to my friends, family, and colleagues.
– A.M.

“Davelle and Reenie provide exceptional and responsive service and assistance with all of your property needs before/during/after sale/purchase. You would want them by your side to help you.”
– P.M.

“Davelle Morrison and Reenie Banks were such a pleasure to work with. Their combined expertise is unmatched and they are thoughtful and responsive. I would recommend them without hesitation.”
– I.M.

“Very knowledgeable, steeped in creativity and extremely dependable! Thank you Davelle, Reenie for all you have done in bringing the sale of my home to most satisfying conclusion!”
– S.C.

“Very Happy with the personalized service we received. Would definitely recommend Davelle and Reenie.”
– J.C.

“Davelle & Reenie were both professional, and personal at the same time which is very important to me. I thoroughly enjoy working with both of them. They both understand what I was looking for in a home, as well, reply back to emails/calls promptly in a timely manner which is also very important. I would clearly recommend to my family / friends (the dynamic duo). 🙂 They did a great job marketing my place with pamphlets and video shots of my place, as well, Davelle showcasing my place. Overall, they were great and check all the right boxes as to what I was looking for in a realtor in selling my home, as well, buying our dream home. Through the whole experience, Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Davelle and Reenie, fantastic job! with a smile.”
– A.J.

“Davelle and Reenie are a dynamic duo. They are professionals who bring creativity, and current knowledge of the local real estate market. Their expertise led to a timely sale of my property and all around exceeding my expectations.”
– C.F.

“Davelle is not just an excellent real estate agent—she’s one of the best I have ever seen, from her approach to her manner to how she handles her clients and in the results that she gets. She is a magician.”
– Charmaine C
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“Closing the deal was not without its challenges, of course. Working in the County is not like negotiating in Toronto. So it was necessary to read people and respond accordingly. Davelle “worked like an amoeba,” adds Mauchner, easily adapting to different working styles and personalities to get the job done.”
– Kathy Mauchner
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Darcia Armstrong, a client, sold her condo to rent another. Here’s her experience:


What Katherine Gross, a client, has to say about our experiences with selling her condo and then finding another one.


“Davelle is just the kind of agent you want because she is diligent, organized, knowledgeable, responsive, and, most important, genuinely invested in her clients. In a very difficult and challenging market, she worked hard to understand my needs and resources, maintained an honest and patient dialogue with me as we considered various properties, and ultimately got me into the place I’d been hoping to find all along. I am so happy that she was at my side throughout the process, and I can’t imagine anyone having been more helpful, resourceful or dedicated. Thank you, Davelle!”
– I.J. Schecter

“Davelle is a pleasure to work with! She helped me find my perfect home with great efficiency. Her expertise and attention to detail were evident each step of the process. I unreservedly recommend Davelle to help you find your dream home!”
– Connie P

“We are glad you are our real estate agent and helped us find such a beautiful home, but more importantly, our friend.”
– Michelle L and Jonathan W

“’Davelle, a “real realtor” working with and for real people! Her passion for real estate keeps her ahead of the game, well informed and an expert in purchasing/selling property, put this together with her outstanding customer care, allows a client like myself to feel comfortable and reassured that we are partners in quest for my perfect home as a solid investment. I was nervous about being a home owner, but now as I work with Davelle, I am more confident and excited about owning my home and securing my future!”
– Nada. J

“Davelle went above and beyond what we expected a real estate agent to do for us in selling our condo. She was wonderful to work with, and she has an amazing team of professionals who help showcase your home so that it sells fast. Our condo sold in one day. Throughout the process, Davelle was there for us, and we could not have been more pleased with her work.”
– Jerome N & Stephen S

“She’s very professional, thorough, hard-working, and gets you the best price for your property,” says Graham. “I had been in my condo for about three years, and the staging was done in a matter of days. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but you just have to embrace it. Davelle understands that timing is key, and gets a lot done in a short time, and she definitely has your best interests in mind.”
Michele particularly appreciated the fact that Davelle’s market intelligence and energy are backed by a team of skilled professionals, like stagers and contractors, who also understand that timing can be critical. “It was great that she could line up so much help so quickly, manage them all for me, and get the job done so well.”
– Michele and Graham
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“Davelle just summed up what we were looking for in a real estate agent. She represents the area we live in—stylish, professional, knowledgeable—and embodies the vibe we were looking for. She’s also really great with people. She knew what she was doing and easily calmed our anxieties and fears about the selling process.”
– Jean-Marc and Angelo
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“What I love about working with Davelle is her consistent positivity. She is virtually always smiling, always joyous. Another key trait that stands out for me is that she’s always available and always on the ball. There’s never any waiting around—she gets back you immediately. I also appreciate her honesty: if she can’t answer a question, she’ll say so, and then she’ll look into it and get back to you quickly. I appreciate her integrity and good business sense.”
– Jeff Alexander
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“You can tell as soon as you meet her that Davelle is a professional,” says Julia, who was very satisfied with the speed of the sale and the deal she got. “I would recommend her to anyone. She has great energy and positivity, and knows the market inside and out.”
– Julia
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“It was comforting to work with Davelle, because she was able to answer our questions and guide us in the decision process without forcing our decision. We particularly appreciated her responsiveness, market knowledge, determination and professionalism.”
– Alya and Jay
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“I respected the fact that Davelle is a hard worker, has an optimistic attitude, and easily understood my objectives. I would go into a house and just know whether or not it was going to work for me—and I appreciated that she got that, and hung in there with me over the time it took.”
– Julie Daniels
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