Evan KarasickYou know you’re doing something right when you help a client find the perfect property, and they come to you again the next time they want to buy something—and then they come back a third time. This is the kind of relationship Davelle Morrison has with three-time client Jeff Alexander.

Jeff, a Toronto-based businessman who owns several investment properties, met Davelle through a friend several years ago, and first worked with her when he became interested in buying a multi-unit residential building for investment purposes. He now owns three such buildings—two in The Junction and one in Forest Hill North—and has worked with Davelle to purchase all of them.

“I could say a lot of positive things about my experiences working with Davelle, but a key trait that stands out for me is that she’s always available and always on the ball,” says Jeff. “There’s never any waiting around—she gets back you immediately. And she’s always smiling, always cheerful.”

He also respects the fact that she doesn’t pretend to know something she doesn’t. “If you ask her a question and she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll look into it and get back to you quickly, rather than trying to make it seem like she has all the answers,” says Jeff. “That’s professionalism.”
His favorite memory of working with Davelle relates to the tense negotiations involved in buying his second property.

“There were bidding wars for both of the first two properties,” he says. “When we were negotiating the purchase price for the second one, the selling agent kept driving the bid up and up. I finally said to Davelle, ‘We had good luck buying the first property when we bid a certain figure. Why not just go back to these guys with exactly the same amount, right down to the penny?’ She thought the number was a bit high, but she was happy to oblige me—and we got the property.”

Jeff says he has no immediate plans to look for a fourth property—but when he’s ready, he’ll be calling Davelle again.

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