Case Study: Charmain C.

Not everyone takes kindly to being successfully talked out of a firm position. But when you find someone who can do that to you, after you get past being irked, it might occur to you: Hmm. Maybe it would be a good idea to have this person on my side in a negotiation.

That’s what happened when Charmain C. went looking for a real estate agent and found Davelle Morrison.

A homeowner in central Scarborough, Charmain had known for a few years that she was ready to downsize. She was contemplating a move out of the city and into a condo. But as she would tell you herself, procrastination is her middle name—and so the years went by and she didn’t act.

Enter Davelle.

“This fall, my sister was helping me declutter, and the topic came up again,” says Charmain. “She spoke to her daughter about it—my niece—and my niece said, ‘Look, I want you two to call this woman I know, Davelle Morrison.’” Charmain’s sister set up the meeting and Davelle paid them a visit.

“By the end of the meeting, I had agreed to sign on with her,” says Charmain, still sounding a bit startled at how easily Davelle persuaded her. “Looking back, I would say it was a soul-sister meeting. I had contacted other real estate agents before, and they’d said things like, ‘Well, let me know when you’re ready.’ But Davelle didn’t let me get away with that. She convinced me—nicely but firmly—to get moving.”

What Charmain admires most about Davelle is her ability to read people and know intuitively how to respond. “She read me like alphabet soup,” admits Charmain. “She understood that I needed a push. And I knew that ability of hers was going to serve me well when it came to negotiating a price for my house.”

Charmain signed with Davelle on October 1, 2017, and her home was sold by the end of that month for a price she was very satisfied with. The speed of the sale is another source of amazement to Charmain, who at first resisted not only Davelle’s advice to stage the house, but urging from one of her colleagues, Reenie Banks, to get the house ready to show within two weeks.

“I was convinced there was no way I could declutter, paint and update the house in two weeks,” says Charmain. “The more she pushed, the more I resisted. I was almost at the point of calling the whole thing off. And then Davelle came in with this big smile. I started giving her my tale of woe, insisting I couldn’t pull it off. And she just calmly, quietly deflected every one of my objections with such ease and such affability that before I knew it, I had agreed it would all work out.”
And it did. Any time Charmain needed help or had a question during the process, Davelle steered her to a solution. “Nowhere in the whole situation was I ever left without any support,” says Charmain. “She has a team around her and knows the right people. That’s how my trust grew, right up to the point where I got my house sold.”

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