Case-Study-4-largeSo many real estate agents, so little time to review them all and choose one: What sets one good agent apart from another?

Expertise, professionalism, reputation and personality are all important, but where the real estate agent lives can be an asset as well. For Julia Weston, a resident of the Yonge and Eglinton area, the fact that Davelle Morrison lived in the neighbourhood where Julia was both buying and selling was key.

“Because she lives here too, she’s not just an agent—she’s invested in the community,” says Julia. “For example, she attends the neighbourhood association meetings. She understands all of Toronto, but she is especially tuned in to what people are looking for right here in my neighbourhood. I had the impression this was not just a job for her—she was genuinely interested in working with me and giving me the most positive possible experience.”

Julia hired Davelle when she decided it was time to move out of her bachelor condo and into a one-bedroom. Distance-wise, it wasn’t a big move—the new space is just 500 metres north of the previous one. But it was a big deal for Julia, since it was her first time selling a property.

“I was a novice, so I really appreciated the fact that Davelle has so much experience,” says Julia. “She had a sense of easy confidence and calmness about her that was very reassuring. She told me immediately what I had to do, and there were no surprises.”

Julia was familiar with Davelle on more than one level before they began working together to sell her condo—she’d seen Davelle’s ads around the area, which had given her a positive impression. But Davelle also came recommended by her sister, who had been running and working out with Davelle for years.

“You can tell as soon as you meet her that Davelle is a professional,” says Julia, who was very satisfied with the speed of the sale and the deal she got. “I would recommend her to anyone. She has great energy and positivity, and knows the market inside and out.”

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