My Client On Selling Her Condo and Finding a Rental

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Guest Speaker: Darcia Armstrong

My Client

I recently helped Darcia and her husband sell their condo and find a rental.

Her Experience

  • Why Darcia and her husband decided to sell their condo
  • How Darcia decided to select an agent after selling her condo
  • Why she selected Davelle over all the other agents with whom she could’ve listed with
  • How she you felt about her condo taking some time to sell and how she remained positive
  • The biggest surprise she had in selling her condo
  • What she thinks Davelle did as an agent that was must helpful in the sales process
  • What she was looking for when it came to finding her new rental
  • What she thought about looking for a new place
  • How she felt during the offer process
  • How she felt when she got the condo she wanted
  • How she feels now that she has been living in her new place for a few months
  • The advice she has for our listeners who are thinking of buying or selling

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