Shared Home Ownership (Part 4): Jean-Paul Bedard on Sharing His House With Another Couple

Listen to “Shared Home Ownership (Part 4): Jean-Paul Bedard on Sharing His House With Another Couple” on Spreaker.

Guest Speaker: Jean-Paul Bedard, Him and his family share a house with another couple

As housing prices climb in the city many people really have to get creative as to how they can own a home in the city and Shared Ownership is a great option.

His Insights

  • How the Shared Ownership arrangement came about
  • Was it difficult to get everyone on board with the idea?
  • How they handled the finances and who they put on title
  • Did they put together any kind of formal agreement for living together? How has it worked out?
  • How they divided the snow-shovelling and exterior home maintenance
  • How they decided on which part of the house each couple would live in
  • Did it take them a long time to find a place?
  • Were any renovations required?
  • Do they have life insurance on each other?
  • What kinds of contingencies do they have in place if one couple wants out or divorces?
  • How much longer they’ll continue with this arrangement
  • Do they see shared ownership as a stepping stone to eventually owning a home or condo? 
  • Their biggest fear about shared ownership 
  • What they like best about the arrangement
  • Would they recommend shared ownership? 
  • Have they built up equity in their home?
  • Advice Jean-Paul has for those who are on the fence about doing a Shared Ownership arrangement


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