Are you a good neighbour?

Good neighbour 2I hope that you answered yes but what does being a good neighbour really mean? Do you help your neighbour shovel snow if necessary? Are you responsive to their concerns if you share a wall, fence etc?  Do you waive hello or keep to yourself?  Do you keep the exterior of your house tidy so that the value of your neighbour’s home is maintained?  I feel very lucky to have some great neighbours who help each other out when necessary.   

When searching for a home, it’s important to notice the neighbour’s properties. Is their garbage on the porch? Does the roof look like it needs to be done?  You might be able to choose the house that you purchase but you can’t change your neighbours so make sure the neighbours on either side of the house keep the exteriors tidy. Recently I noticed a house 2 doors down from a home I was showing, had a junkyard in the backyard.  It was an immediate turn off to my client.

According to the Chicago-based Appraisal Institute, property values can be reduced by as much as 10% by having a lousy neighbour.  According to the institute being a bad neighbour can be defined as annoying pets, unkempt yards, loud music, dangerous trees, or poorly maintained exteriors. 

Once you have a bad neighbour, they can be very difficult to get rid of so make sure that when you are house hunting, you take a look around at who your neighbours are.  And once you move into your home, make sure that you act as a good neighbour. 

If you are putting your house on the market, contact me & consider asking your neighbours for their cooperation perhaps by offering them a bottle of wine to make sure their dog isn’t barking in the yard.