Make mine a double

Starbucks jones gerrardCoffee culture has a lot to do with real estate. A great coffee house in the area can make or break a neighbourhood.  I’ve heard many a client say that they want to buy a house within easy reach of a coffee house.  It seems being able to get that morning coffee has a lot to do with increasing the value of real estate on your street.  Toronto has so many great coffee houses and I find myself always wanting to check out an inviting cafe.  My faves include Lazy Daisy Café, Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Crema, Rachel’s Coffee House, Coquine L’Express, Jimmy’s Coffee, Balzacs, Tango Palace, Aroma, and of course the big chains like Second Cup, Tim Horton’s & Starbucks.  It seems buyers can’t go wrong purchasing a house close to one of these cafes.  Of course the biggest selling feature is when Starbucks opens in your area as you know you have arrived and the housing values are sure to climb.  The ironic part about my love for the coffee houses is that I don’t actually like coffee its taste nor its smell.  I do however love the teas, hot chocolate & great snacks that I find at these establishments.  So next time you are house hunting, make sure you find the great coffee spots in the area and then you know you have arrived.