5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid with Michelle Binette

Michelle talks about the top five design mistakes people make in their home when it comes to decorating their space.

Her Insights

  • What are the top five design crimes common in every home?
  • What are the two main guidelines you could keep in your back pocket when you are hanging your art?
  • Why should you hang an art 8-10 inches above a furniture that is more than 30 inches?
  • How would extending the rod 3-6 inches on either sides of the window frames could make your room look bigger?
  • How could creating a floor plan make your decision process easier about buying the right size furniture’s?
  • How could living in a house for a while aide you in buying the appropriate furniture’s?
  • What is the mindset behind most people’s decision to buy a whole furniture set?
  • How could blending different textures, elements, scales and proportions make you feel like living in a home put together by a designer?
  • How could having a statement piece in your home personalize your space and draw people in?
  • Why should you avoid asking other peoples opinion on your home décor?

Part 1

Part 2