Why Buying From the Listing Agent Isn’t Always a Good Idea

Last night I was watching Pat Foran’s report on CTV News about someone who purchased a house from the listing agent and after he moved in, he realized the house was the Pearson International Airport flight path so the peace and quiet he was hoping to get when he purchased the home wasn’t quite possible.

I do have another suggestion about how he could have avoided that situation and would live to be interviewed about it. This gentleman’s first mistake was buying the house using the listing agent. The listing agent double-ended the deal. They simply cannot be as objective as they need to with a buyer because they have a stronger relationship with the seller. Many buyers think they would save money or get an inside track by using the listing agent. When they don’t use their own buying agent, they are missing a set of objective eyes on their purchase. In the rush to save money, many buyers fail to realize the value of having their own agent on their side.

Can you imagine if in a court of law, the defendant walked in and said to the prosecuting attorney, “Can you represent both of us so we can get this done faster?” It would never happen. However, home buyers fail to understand that they are doing the same thing when trying to work with the listing agent in buying a home.

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