House Hunting Webinar for First-Time Homebuyers (Replay)

Attention: Renters!

Would you like to learn how to buy the space of your dreams? Does making your first home purchase make you want to throw up a little?

Then join us for the FREE HOUSE HUNTING BOOTCAMP – 7 things you need to know as a first-time home buyer in Toronto!

Learn the 7 things you need to know as a first-time home buyer in Toronto. Break through your fears of what it takes to become a home-owner.

Join the ranks of home-ownership in 2020. This is YOUR decade!

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Midtown Toronto Retirement Guide (Free Download)

There comes a time when we need to leave our home for the good of our health. That’s where retirement living comes in. So I wanted to produce this guide for all of us who need to know more about retirement living. Even if it’s just to get a better idea as to how much to save in our RRSP to be able to afford the retirement living that we choose.

While the costs charged by retirement living centres seems expensive one must consider:

  1. The savings of moving into a retirement living centre that includes; food, water & sewage, heat, hydro, taxes, maintenance, gardening and snow removal.
  2. The income that will be earned from the investment of the monies received from selling one’s home.

So I’ve produced this guide to retirement living, assisted living and memory care options in the Midtown Toronto area as most of us will want to stay in the neighbourhood we live in or we will want to move our loved ones closer to us.

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Why Rejecting Airbnb in Toronto is Short-Sighted

Recently, landlords lost their case for Airbnb but is it only the landlords that have lost out here? Airbnb, much like Uber & Tesla is like any other market disrupter. And, yes, our knee-jerk reaction is to hate change, I’m usually guilty of that myself.  Except when we only want to stick to the status quo, we are missing out on other opportunities that exist because of our comfort.

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Making Sense of the Housing Promises in the Federal Election

On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, housing is a part of the base of the triangle, meaning, it’s extremely important to our safety, security and well-being. Yet most of our elections fail to discuss housing as a major issue. Housing affects every single one of us whether we own or rent, we still need a place to live. So here are the housing policies proposed, so far, from the political parties during the election. And, of course, with a little commentary from yours truly.

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