How Do You Convince Your Husband to Move?


So you’ve decided that you would like to move to another home.  There’s just one thing you must do.  You must convince your husband that it’s time to move to a new home.  Here are a few helpful hints to guide you through the process:

  1. Make sure you find out why he might be apprehensive so that you can address those concerns from the beginning.
  2. Find out how much equity you have gained in your home so that you know how much can be used to finance your next home.
  3. Compile a list of the great things in the new house that your husband will appreciate
  4. Compile a list of reasons why the move is best for the family
  5. Compile a list of reasons why you would really like to move
  6. Position it as giving you more time to spend with your family and that the new home will allow you to do more things for him and the kids
  7. Convince him to take a tour of the house you’ve picked out as it might be easier to convince him once he sees the fabulous new place.
  8. Remind your husband that a happy wife = happy life

Now that you’ve reviewed the list, commit it to memory and prepare his favourite meal when he gets home, then let the discussion begin.