If You’re a Seller, How Do You Get Top Dollar for Your Home?

Tips from the Morrison Report for sellers. How do you ensure that you get the maximum profit when selling your home?

One of the things that people very seldom think about is what do their neighbours’ homes look like? What your neighbour’s house looks like is very important to your value. Because it can be a deal-breaker for your own deal if your neighbours’ homes don’t look up to par. So, I would suggest politely knocking on the door and asking them if it’s okay to do a few touch-ups. In the past, I’ve sent my gardener over to trim the hedges. I’m currently having someone fix a garage roof, just so it doesn’t look so bad and so unsightly for buyers, because it will be a deal-breaker for you. The one thing to remember when you’re staging and decluttering is the other way to get top dollar on your house is to make sure that your neighbours’ homes are up to par.

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