Madam Secretary! Who Designed Your House?!

Madam Secretary

I love watching TV. I mean, really, who doesn’t? I started watching Madam Secretary since its first episode. Tea Leonie plays the Secretary of State for the United States and lives with her family in what looks to be a row house in Washington, DC with her 3 kids. I love most of the way this house looks. It has an updated kitchen and a great master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

The part of her house which makes no sense to me is the front office. It seems to be where the living room should go. Every time they walk into their house and walk straight into their office it baffles me. Perhaps this is something they have done for television but given my line of business, I’m always looking at homes with a little scrutiny and the front offices just doesn’t make sense.

How to Get Away With Murder

Now Annalise Keating’s house is a HOUSE with a capital H. It’s just a big beautiful HOUSE. Lots of room, Great curb appeal. I probably wish the inside didn’t have as much dark wood. The house could really be anywhereville. It’s shot in Los Angeles but the show is supposed to take place in Philidelphia.

The Catch

Now the modern looking house in The Catch is Fantastic! What a property. Super cool. Lots of big beautiful modern windows.

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