Making a Smooth Transition to House Ownership

Recently I have worked with a few clients who have contemplated purchasing a house after living in a condo for some time.  The challenge is they don’t always understand that houses are not controlled environments the way that condos are.  Houses can be unpredictable and can need work that no home inspector or engineer can forsee.  Most of the housing stock in Toronto is approximately 100 years old.  When you move into a house you are not given a blueprint of everything that has happened in the house every year.  When issues arise in the house, as they do, they must be tended to.  A house doesn’t always work perfectly all of the time and it is that expectation of a perfect living environment that most people experience in a condo that gets them into trouble when they become home owners.  For any new home owner, its best to roll with the punches and accept that although home ownership comes without maintenance fees, you are now expected to fix anything that may go wrong or live with the imperfection.  A positive attitude and a realistic outlook will allow you to make a smooth transition from condo to house ownership.Beautiful-living-rooms-2