Open Houses Are Necessary

Open House

When I take on a listing, I always impress upon my clients the importance of an open house. Open houses give prospective buyers a chance to see the property. In today’s marketplace, there are many buyers without agents when they want to familiarize themselves with the market. Sometimes buyers feel as though they want to see properties on their own without their agents. They will come to an open house. When a house or condo is for sale, I view it as a retail store that should be available for viewing. When sellers or agents refuse to do open houses, they do a disservice to the listing.

On many instances during offer night (the night we have set aside to take offers on a property), I have gotten a phone call from an agent who has never shown my property but their client popped into my open house and now wants to make an offer.

People need to feel comfortable at an open house.

The buyers shouldn’t be followed around the home. They need to feel comfortable. At my open houses, I provide a little package of gummy bears. Who doesn’t love sugar? Very few people it would seem, given the feedback that I get from open house attendees.

I always include a mid-week open house over the lunch time period and after work as there are many people who go away on weekends and would prefer to see the property during the week. I seem to get the most serious buyers out mid-week.

Open houses are a critical element to the sales process of a house or a condo and can make or break your offer night and getting the highest price possible for your listing.

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