Photographing Real Estate

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Guest Speaker: Alex Lukey, Photographer

  • How did you get started in the photography business?
  • What was your first job?
  • How did you break into editorial work for magazines?
  • For a magazine editorial piece what makes a good picture?
  • Is there a difference in what you need to do to photograph a house vs a person or outdoor space?
  • What are some of the tricks of the trade to take a shot to make a room look bigger?
  • In the city of Toronto, what are some of the coolest places you’ve shot?
  • What was the most spectacular home that you’ve shot?
  • How does colour affect your pictures for example shooting a room that is predominantly whites & greys vs one with some colour? What tends to look better in pictures?
  • How does light throughout the year affect your indoor pictures for example summer vs winter or fall pictures?
  • Are there certain colours or decorating styles that you’re noticing more of lately?
  • In your own home, do you have anyone else’s pictures up or just your own?
  • Who are your photography icons that have inspired your work?

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