What Are the Rights & Regulations for Landlords & Tenants?

Listen to “What Are the Rights & Regulations for Landlords & Tenants?” on Spreaker.

Guest Speaker: April Stewart, Owner of Landlord Legal which provides Professional Services for Landlords

Her Insights

  • Why landlords need an advocate
  • When landlords tend to call on April’s services
  • Why some of her clients are trying to evict their tenants
  • When a sheriff should get involved in an eviction
  • Does she ever run into professional tenants and who qualifies as a professional tenant?
  • What April thinks about the new rent control rules that state that a landlord must paythe tenant one month’s rent if they want to move into their own place
  • What she has to say to tenants who feel that landlords have too many rights
  • Cases she has had to defend landlords in
  • April’s suggestions on how the Landlord & Tenant Board could be fixed to be more neutral to both landlords and tenants


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