How Seniors Choosing to Downsize Could Improve Their Health

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Guest Speaker: Karen Shinn

Cofounder of Downsizing Diva walks us through the services that are available to seniors looking to downsize.

  • What services does Downsizing Diva provide?
  • How is Downsizing Diva different from a traditional moving company?
  • What are some of the age groups that have used Downsizing Diva services?
  • How is an objective viewpoint important when deciding which items to take with you and leave behind?
  • How does a floor plan assist you in deciding which furniture‚Äôs to take with you?
  • If thinking of downsizing, why is it important to make the move sooner rather than later?
  • How does residences like condos, senior apartments and retirement residences have a higher appeal for people with reducing mobility?
  • What signs should you be aware of for you to seriously consider downsizing?
  • Why is social isolations common in seniors who lost a spouse?
  • Why is there an increase in the phone calls for downsizing in September, October or before winter?
  • How does neighbourhoods play a factor in choosing to downsize?
  • How have the notion of retirement homes changed over the years?
  • How does retirement homes help prevent social isolation and increase enthusiasm for life?
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