Shared Home Ownership: The Cure for Toronto’s Expensive Housing Market

Is the real estate market passing you by? Are you getting frustrated that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to own your own home? Are you saving money each year for a bigger down payment only to find that you haven’t saved enough?

Well, there have been changes in the market. There is now more inventory of houses on the market to choose from so now you can take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead!

You could and should consider buying a home with someone else.

Who, you might ask. A friend? A colleague? A family member? Someone else looking to own a home just like you?

I know you’re just not ready yet. But when will you be ready? Too many people are always getting ready to get ready. It’s time to take action. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

It’s time to stop postponing your life and live your dreams of home ownership.

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Listen: Advice from the Professionals

I recently interviewed 2 people on my podcast who purchased houses with someone a few years ago. They are so happy that they did this to get into the market and start building equity.

Listen to “Shared Home Ownership (Part 1): Advice from a Mortgage Broker” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Shared Home Ownership (Part 2): Advice from a Real Estate Lawyer” on Spreaker.

Listen: Shared Home Owners

Listen to “Shared Home Ownership (Part 3): Oliver Dang on Sharing His Family’s House with Another Couple” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Shared Home Ownership (Part 4): Jean-Paul Bedard on Sharing His House With Another Couple” on Spreaker.

Free Webinar

I created a course on Shared Ownership to help you understand how to get into Toronto’s expensive housing market.

  • How the Shared Economy is changing us
  • Why Home Ownership is Important
  • The Steps to Shared Ownership



It’s time to start thinking that Shared Ownership can work for you too. I’ve pulled out a few listings on MLS that I think would make perfect homes for shared but private living spaces.

Interested? Let’s talk!  Let me set you up with my mortgage broker for your approval. Then let’s get you matched with someone. Then let’s visit these properties.

Let’s chat. I know you can be ready sooner than you think for this.

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