Spreading the Christmas Cheer to your Tenants

A few years ago, I started giving Christmas gifts to my tenants.  It seemed to make a lot of sense to me.  After all my tenants were helping me to pay down my mortgage.  I believe that spreading the goodwill of the holiday season helps extend good relations with my tenants throughout the year.  Christmas GiftsMy gifts aren’t extravagant.  The gifts are usually less than $50. Depending on the tenant, I always find something at the LCBO or the Indigo Books gift section.   I find that I can get everything I need for my tenant gifts at Indigo without having to spend too much time finding the perfect gift.  Then the next time an issue comes up, they maybe a little nicer about it.  And when it comes time to renew their lease, they may just decide to stay.

If you haven’t considered giving a Christmas gift to your tenants before, I highly recommend it this season.  Spreading a little Christmas cheer can’t hurt.