You’re Not Wasting My Time: Looking at Properties

Viewing Properties

A familiar refrain that I hear from my clients is that they feel like they are wasting my time when we go out to view properties.

Then I explain to them that NO, you aren’t wasting my time at all.

The Reason

I enjoy taking my clients out to see many properties is that each time I take them out, I learn more about what it is they actually want. I would never learn anything about their needs and wants if they simply went to open houses without me.

The Flaws

I also like to take them out so that I can point out the flaws with a property. Yes. You heard that correctly, I point out the flaws. I pride myself on being brutally honest about the pitfalls of a particular kind of home for them. During a showing, I pull back the curtains so that I can reveal potentially old windows that need to be replaced. I point out possible signs of leakage so they can determine if it’s the right home for them. If I think my client might have kids someday, I will also point out the possible flaws, like too many stairs in unnecessary places.

Stairs on a Property

If I have a client who might have kids one day looking at a stacked townhouse, I might suggest that they look for something else with less stairs. The rationale is that when the baby comes, they will have a stroller to contend with. Running up and down stairs while sleep-deprived won’t be much fun. Every time I go into a showing for a stacked townhouse, I see a stroller at the front door and immediately know why the homeowners are selling.

So when I advise my clients not to purchase those properties as it would result in another sale within a few years. The housing market in Toronto and the transaction costs of buying and selling are very expensive. It makes more sense for buyers to consider their long term needs when making a housing purchase.

The other reason why I feel as though my clients ARE NOT wasting my time. When I view properties with them is that I LOVE real estate. I LOVE looking at houses and condos. It’s the reason why I’m in this business in the first place. Viewing many properties is one of the reasons I LOVE my job.

To all of the condo and home buyers out there; YOU ARE NOT WASTING MY TIME.

I LOVE taking you to see properties. I know it’s the only way that you will become comfortable making and informed purchase.

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