3 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make

What you’re about to learn could be the difference between thousands of dollars in YOUR pocket…or thousands of dollars in someone else’s pocket. Below, I reveal three costly home selling mistakes PLUS smart strategies to help put you on track for a top dollar sell.


Sellers tend to overestimate the value of their home and with costly consequences. Buyers do their research and can easily spot an overpriced home. Scaring away potential buyers can leave your home sitting on the market for months unsold, losing value as a result. Overpricing nets you less money with added stress and worry.

SAVVY SELLER STRATEGY: Why risk overpricing your home? Consult with a professional real estate agent familiar with the local market. They’ll help you price your home correctly from the start.

Avoiding Minor Repairs

You might be tempted to ignore minor repair work because — let’s face it — it’s a hassle. But neglecting them puts you at high risk for making poor impressions on potential buyers. For example, a buyer might notice a loose doorknob or a faulty light switch. While these are easy fixes, the damage to their overall perception of your home is done and the likelihood of getting a check for asking price plummets.

SAVVY SELLER STRATEGY: As daunting as they are, make fix-ups and repairs a priority. ‘Tour’ your home with a critical eye and fix anything that could potentially repel buyers. Or you could always hire a handyperson.

Publishing “Lazy” Listings

Many potential buyers look through real estate listings before deciding to visit in person. If you don’t make a good impression with your listing, you could miss out on potential buyers.

SAVVY SELLER STRATEGY: Make sure your description is well-written and details your home’s unique qualities and/or key selling features. Use well lit photographs that reflect your home’s best assets.

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These are just three of many costly home selling mistakes. Not only could they prevent you from getting the price you want, they could prevent you from selling your home altogether. If you want the peace of mind knowing you’re on track for a speedy top dollar home sell – pricing, preparation, paperwork and all — let’s talk!



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