How to Create Laneway Housing in Toronto (WIth Craig Race)

Listen to “How to Create Laneway Housing in Toronto (WIth Craig Race)” on Spreaker.

Guest Speaker: Craig Race (Co-Founder of Lanescape)

Craig’s design process focuses on environmental and contextual sensitivity. His skill in crafting buildings that fit sensitively into their surroundings has engendered a passion for laneway development.

  • When was Laneway housing was approved in Toronto?
  • Have there been a flood of applications for Laneway houses?
  • What are the benefits of Laneway housing?
  • What are the requirements for someone to be allowed to have a Laneway house?
  • Do they need their neighbour’s approval, for example, do they have to go to the committee of adjustment?
  • What does Lanescape do?
  • How long does the approval process take?
  • What are the costs like?
  • What if a homeowner wants to sever their laneway house and sell it to someone?
  • What’s the timeline from start to finish from when someone first meets Lanescape to when their laneway house is completed?
  • Can you create more than one apartment with the Laneway house?

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