This Is Going To Make You Throw Up A Bit

One of the challenges for first-time buyers is the longer they wait, the harder it is to get in the market, as the housing market seems to increase faster than most people can save. And, as interest rates rise, mortgage payments will rise with them, making owning that much more expensive.

The best way to look at your first home is that it’s not your forever home, it’s a stepping stone to get you into the market and into your next house.

I started with a condo, then moved into my first house and now I’m in my second house. If you own a house, and are in the market, then at least you can take advantage of the increasing equity as the market rises to purchase your next house.

It’s impossible to time the market accurately and only buy at the low and sell at the high point. If you are in your home for 5+ years, then you don’t need to worry about which year the market goes up or down.

I know that many people will take it as an agent trying to sell you a house or condo but I have honestly seen so many people miss out on the real estate market by staying on the sidelines.

Buying your first house or condo will make you want to throw up a little as it’s a lot of money but this is a natural feeling.

My motto is to feel the fear and do it anyway. And you won’t throw up. I promise.