What Are My Favourite Midtown Toronto Condos?

I’ve been living in Midtown for 20+ years now so I’ve certainly gained an appreciation for so many buildings in the area. So if I had to pick which buildings are my favourite I would say the following buildings in no particular order.

Here are my favourite buildings:

  1. 119 & 139 Merton St

    I love the fact that 90% of the condos are 2 storeys so it feels like you have a house in a condo. The suites that face south over the cemetery are truly the best ones. I’ve also noticed that those units rarely go on the market. Clearly the people who live there also love them the most. The amenities in this building are very minimal so it keeps their maintenance fees low which is another great reason why these buildings are on my favourite list.

  2. 2181 & 2191 Yonge St The Minto Building

    When this building was first proposed, there was a lot of noise and protests about the height of the buildings. Now that they’ve been in the area for many years, you start to wonder what was all the hue cry over? These buildings are great. The amenities, pool, sauna, hot tub, party room are all stunning.

  3. 11 Broadway Townhouses

    These 5 tucked away townhouses are perfect as they have backyards/decks that face the football field while still having the benefit of the condo services like the underground parking. They are located super close to Yonge ST but away from all the busyness of Yonge St.

  4. 194 Merton St

    Well, I’m going to have a sweet spot for this building because it was my first condo and I used to live there. I’ve always regretted selling my condo there. It was an old office converted to a condo. The amenities are minimal and the parking is conveniently located street level, outside. The units are LARGE because it’s an older building.

  5. 245 Davisville

    If you’re lucky enough to face north in this building then you have a great view of the park. This building has relatively low maintenance fees and large units.

​So that’s my top 5 (or really 7) list of midtown condos that I think are the best in the crop. It’s really just based on buildings that I personally like and that my clients and friends seem to enjoy living in.

Agree? Disagree? I’d love to hear from you at davelle@bosleyrealestate.com or call or text me at 416.509.3286.

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