Toronto’s Real Estate: Insights from an Urban Planner

Listen to “Toronto’s Real Estate: Insights from an Urban Planner” on Spreaker.

Guest Speaker: Sean Galbraith, Principle and Owner of Galbraith & Associates

His Insights

  • What is an urban planner and what does his company do?
  • Why do developers need to work with a professional like Sean?
  • What’s involved in putting together a development application?
  • How long does it usually take for a developer to put together and then build a project?
  • What is the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board)?
  • What changes are about to happen to the OMB and how Sean feels about them
  • What is the yellow belt?
  • How Sean feels about the City of Toronto making use of the available land we have. Is there too much or not enough density?
  • The impact of adding more density to our city
  • What Sean thinks we should be doing to create more affordable housing
  • Does Sean rent or own? What part of the city does he live in?


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