How to utilize your laneway

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Michelle Senayah, Co-Founder and Director at The Laneway Project walks us through some of the ways laneways could be utilized.
What technically is a laneway?
What city rules or by laws do you need established for the laneway projects?
What are some of the things that could be done in the laneway?
When it comes to doing something like a murals, how do you determine what kind of artwork suits the community and all the neighbours for that particular laneway?
Who foots the bill for some of these special projects?
What kinds of events would have been done in the past?
What is done in the greening front?
How did The Laneway Project get started? Where did that come from?
How many people are working at The Laneway Project?
How has the support been in the city?
Has other cities been utilizing their laneways?
Are their considered to be high profile laneways in Toronto? Is there an ultimate laneway you would really love to do a big project with?
Do you have a couple of ideas that you have in regards to the laneways you would love to see enacted and any one of laneways you have not done yet or you would like to do? What are your big dream or ideas you really want to do in a laneway?
Do people donate to help fund some of these projects? Do you fundraise?
When it comes to your corporate donors who would want some exposure on the other end. How do you give them the exposure without compromising what you are doing in the specific laneway?
When someone’s got a laneway in mind in their neighbourhood and they really want to get their laneway involved. How do they apply? Do they go to your website? Do they fill out an application? How does it work?

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