Mortgage Advice For Real Estate Investors (With Dalia Barsoum)

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Guest Speaker: Dalia Barsoum, Mortgage Broker with Streetwise Mortgages

  • At the Investor Forum Conference, Dalia shared with us some great ideas about how investors could increase their income so that they could improve their chances of being approved for a mortgage, what would she suggest they do about their income if they are self-employed?
  • Would she suggest any changes to their amortizations on existing properties?
  • How does she suggest balancing personal debt and home owner’s line of equity debt?
  • What effects has she noticed in the market place as a result of the new mortgage rules requiring a stress test of anyone putting down more than 20% on a home?
  • Are the bank’s rules changing any time soon?
  • Any predictions for Bank of Canada rate increases this year?
  • Is there an urgency for people who want to take equity out of their homes and use it?
  • How should people structure their mortgages?
  • Suggestions for real estate investors trying to get financing?
  • How can people make sure they are prepared when they come to see Dalia?

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