Real Estate Investing in Barrie, Ontario

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Guest Speaker: Susan White Livermore, Real Estate Investor in Barrie, Ontario

Her Insights

  • How Susan came to be a real estate investor
  • What is compelling about Barrie and why does she think that people should invest there?
  • The kinds of properties that available for people to invest in
  • What is the range of pricing?
  • What kinds of rules or regulations exist for investors, such as student housing?
  • How is the vacation rental market there? Do people use AirBNB?
  • What demographic of people are generally in Barrie?
  • What improvements are coming down the road there?
  • The other areas Susan invests in
  • How does she structure her real estate investments when she brings on partners? What kinds of agreements does she have in place? What if someone wants out?
  • Her shift in investment strategies


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