What’s the latest news in real estate? Foreign buyers?

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Josh Sherman, real estate report from online real estate portal BuzzBuzzHome gives us his market insights?
How do you come up with your story ideas?
Do you find it easy to pull information from your sources? Do you ever find inconsistencies with the information you’re receiving from them?
Do you think a foreign buyer tax is a possibility and what your sources saying?
What other impacts do you think this may have in the market?
What percentage of the market do you think represents foreign buyers?
Have you seen any effects on the Toronto market from the foreign buyer tax in BC?
Do you think a Toronto real estate correction is coming soon?
Do you think other markets would be impacted by a correction in the Toronto market?
I’ve noticed over the years that the major print publications like The Globe, Macleans etc spend a lot of time generating negative headlines about the real estate market. What are your thoughts about that? Is it fear mongering?
What do you think is the most affordable area across Canada?
How much did Canadians spend on their homes in 2016?
Has there been an affect on the Canadian market given the US election?
Can you let us know what kinds of stories you’re working on now?

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