Which 2-Bedroom Toronto Condos Near TTC Stations Give You The Highest Returns?

Last year, I analyzed the value of 2-bedroom condos along each subway line so that you could see what trends emerged at each station when it came to price.

I pulled the data from the Toronto Real Estate Board statistics based on condos that were within a 0.3km radius (394 steps) from a subway station. Some stations didn’t have any condos built within the 0.3 km distance while some stations had less than 2 condo sales reported during the period of Jan. 1 to July 24th, making some of the sample sizes rather small.

In this year’s version, I have added in the data from condo sales in the back half of the year (July 25th – Dec. 31st, 2017). Now we have a better idea of not only the values at each subway station but whether the values increased or decreased towards the back half of the year.

2017 Price Change For 2 Bedroom Condos Near TTC Stations

Most condos did decrease from the first half to the back half of the year, so the interesting story is that the subway stations where the condos not only maintained their value but increased in value as well.

What I learned

Yonge Line For 2-Bedroom Condos

  • The shining stars were the 2-bedroom condos surrounding Dupont, St Clair West, Museum, Davisville, Lawrence and St. Andrew
  • Condos around Bloor-Yonge, College and St Patrick stations also increased in value by the end of the year
  • The subway stations with condos that saw the largest drop in value from the beginning to the end of the year were at St Clair and King St subway stations, which is actually quite surprising given how strong those neighbourhoods are.


Bloor Line For 2-Bedroom Condos

  • The best stations to own or try selling your condo were Old Mill, Jane St, Bloor-Yonge and Sherbourne
  • However, the worst stations where condo values dropped by more than 10% in value from the beginning to the end of 2017 were Islington, Keele, St. George, and Bay. These numbers are also surprising given some of the stations like Museum and Bloor-Yonge closeby saw increases.

Line 1 certainly outpaced Line 2 when it came to the number of stations that increased in value over those that decreased in value. So clearly, the “smart money” would rather invest in a condo on the Yonge Line rather than the Bloor Line.

Next week, I’ll take a look at how 1 bedroom condos fared.

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